Fred A. Farrell – Glasgow’s War Artist: From Home Front to Front Line in WWI People's Palace and Winter Gardens, 30 May–23 November 2014 Artist Fred A. Farrell received an extraordinary commission from the Corporation of Glasgow to produce 50 drawings of the Front Line and munitions factories in Glasgow. These powerful and moving sketches and watercolours recorded the war for posterity – Glasgow was one of the first cities to recognize the importance of creating such a memorial.
Dug-outs, Ypres and Yser Canal...
Dug-outs, Ypres and Yser Canal
Taking the roll, 15th HLI Winter...
Taking the roll, 15th HLI
Cookers 17th HLI hilltop farm...
Cookers 17th HLI hilltop farm
Graves Three soldiers visit the...
Lieut. & QM J Kelly / Father...
Lieut. & QM J Kelly / Father of the 17th HLI
Hung up! Shows a dead soldier...
Hung up!

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